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Calling All Kids!

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All-Star Memberships  $39.95 - SOLD OUT
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Rookie Memberships: Your free Kid Nation membership items will not be shipped to you and will only be available for pickup at Fenway Park.

Automatic Renewal Notice (Rookie Memberships only): For your convenience, unless your child will be fifteen (15) years of age or older as of the date of the first scheduled Red Sox home game next year, your child's free Red Sox Kid Nation membership will automatically renew next season. Your child's renewed membership may come with premium items of equal or greater value to this year's premium items; however, the type of next year's premium items may change. Red Sox Kid Nation will contact parents/legal guardians of members whose memberships are scheduled to automatically renew via email next Winter to remind them of the pending renewal and notify them of changes, if any, to the Red Sox Kid Nation membership program. The Boston Red Sox Baseball Club Limited Partnership may determine, at its sole discretion, to discontinue Red Sox Kid Nation and if that occurs, your child's membership will not automatically renew. You may cancel your child's free Red Sox Kid Nation membership any time by contacting

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